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Dactory is a code generator for Golang microservices based on GRPC. You can model the messages, services and RPC's and Dactory will generate the boilerplate code accordingly.
PropaneDB is a object database for Protobuf messages. It enables you to store and retrieve Protobuf with ease: your proto file is a single source of truth for both messaging and persistency. It is intended for use with GRPC microservices.

Recent blogposts

PropaneDB is an open source NoSQL database to store ProtocolBuffer objects in serialized form. It is intended for use with GRPC microservices. PropaneDB enables storing GRPC messages directly without first converting them to specific format just for persistency . The proto file already defines the messages exchanged between microservices, so we might as well use this same definition for storage. I got the idea for this database some time ago when I was working on a web application backend in Golang. Read More…
I have been working on Golang microservices for some time now , mostly based on GRPC using Protobuf serialization. The main reason for me to use GRPC is consistency and having a “single source of truth”. You define the data structures and services/remote procedure calls in a simple text file and then generate Golang code from that. Serializing and deserializing data in your microservices is really easy , so you can focus on the actual business logic. Read More…

About Elan8

Elan8 is a Dutch startup that provides products and services for software development. Our mission is to help developers and engineers translate their concepts and ideas to working software in a consistent and efficient way.

Modeling is very common practice in technical disciplines such as mechanical/civil engineering and electrical engineering. Software development is still a very young discipline and software development is by many still regarded as an art instead of engineering. We aim to combine the advantages of modeling ( structure, uniformity , visual representation and code generation ) with the strengths of manually written source code (ultimate flexibility and optimization for your usecase) to help you develop the software of tomorrow.